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Hi, I am Reshmma Gulati, I am a Professional Life Coach specialized in Excellence and Wellness coaching. Coaching is very dynamic and innovative concept where I support my client to achieve their long cherished dream by helping them break their dis-empowering pattern/belief (Paradigm Shift) and making them accountable to achieve Excellence in their life.

My healing practice started way in 2006 when I first heard about Reiki. I was really fascinated and eager to know, how energy can heal our mind and body. During that time my family did not support me thinking it was “Hocus-Pocus” They had all weird ideas. However, I kept reading various books on this healing and my curiosity kept increasing. One day I met one senior lady in my Yoga classes and she introduced herself as Reiki Grandmaster.  Somehow I convinced my husband and explained how I was passionate to learn this for my self-healing practice. As during those days I was going through challenging period of my life balancing work, family and health.  And that was the beginning of my entry into this beautiful healing Journey.  This not only helped me deal with my challenges but also a different perspective towards life.

I have very successful practice of Life Coaching & Wellness under the name of “Diving Healing & Wellness” and “Paradigm Shift Coaching”.

  • I worked in Corporate Companies for 20+ years.
  • I did my & MBA from a reputed B School.
  • I started my very fulfilling, fulltime career in Healing & Wellness from 2012.
  • Diploma in Nutrition & Wellness
  • I am a certified Life coach (CCA accredited, Vancouver) specialization in Excellence & Wellness coaching.
  • NLP Practitioner (certified by Dr Richard Bandler).
  • Reiki Grandmaster (Usui Reiki ) & Master in Kundalini & Karuna Reiki
  • Journey Healer
  • Crystal Healing
  • Pyramid Healing
  • You can Heal your life
  • Healing Circles, Switch Words & Energy Frequency Healer
  • Motivational Speaker

And my quest for learning will be on-going even after this body is no more as my Soul is evolving me.

My Kundalini Reiki Grandmaster Dr Kiran met me through the angel guidance. And she has touched my life through her association in more than one way. I am truly grateful to her.


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